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A Proven Conspiracy Theory

A Proven Conspiracy Theory – Conspiracy theory is something that is believed by some parties and is still not proven, but you need to know some proven conspiracy theories.

When we hear the phrase “conspiracy theory”, what comes to our mind is a series of facts mixed with myths that seem exaggerated. But, strangely, the more discussed these theories, the more fun!

Even though most conspiracy theories are proven wrong, there is at least some spice in the conversation, lah! However, it turns out that there are also conspiracy theories that are ultimately proven true. Whether through related party claims or exposed by the times, the following 7 conspiracy theories are proven true!

1. The FBI spied on The Beatles’ vocalist, John Lennon!

The 60-70s were turbulent times for the United States. Not only the Cold War (1947-1991) with the Soviet Union, there were various cultural movements that emerged. Led by artists and musicians, the US government sees the emergence of this movement as a danger signal!

In 2000, through his book, Gimme Some Truth, historian Jon Wiener revealed the truth that the US government spies on its citizens! Most notably, the US government watched musicians and artists on stage and called out a radical anti-war message.

One of the frontmen was the vocalist of The Beatles, John Lennon. When he released the song Imagine in 1971, the whole world was awed by his message, calling for a world without division (and without religion). However, to the US 37th President, Richard Nixon, the song Imagine sounded like a threat.

Therefore, many people at the time theorized that President Nixon was keeping an eye on Lennon. At that time, indeed Lennon was friends with radical anti-war activists, and frankly, the US government did want to expel Lennon! This theory culminated when Lennon was assassinated in 1980.

2. The SUNSHINE project sacrifices the remains of a child for a nuclear radiation test

The world changed rapidly when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending World War II (WW2). The atomic bomb is a part of military operations around the world. Of course, at that time, the impact of the atomic bomb was still not understood, especially the effect of radiation.

Therefore, in 1953, the US government implemented the SUNSHINE Project to see the impact of nuclear on humans. It takes a human subject to carry out this research. So, a conspiracy theory emerged that the government stole the bodies of children and babies as “guinea pigs”.

When this study went public in 1956, it turned out that the inhuman conspiracy theory was proven correct! The SUNSHINE project used 500 parts from more than 1,500 bodies of babies and children taken from Australia to Europe. The problem is, the 1,500 bodies were exhumed without the family’s permission!

3. Slander the United States against Cuba!

The Bay of Pigs incident was a US political and strategic failure to prevent Fidel Castro from rising to power. However, it did not end there, various conspiracy theories circulating about the US government, the Bay of Pigs, and Cuba.

One theory claims that it was the US military that carried out various operations to slander Cuba. This was proven true with Operation Northwoods. Designed by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Operation Northwoods’ proposal was rejected by the US 35th President, John F. Kennedy.

Disgracefully, Operation Northwoods was a US military intervention operation to bring down Cuba! Operation Northwoods even wanted to spread the “terror of Cuban communism” to the US by carrying out the same terror operation in several US cities, sinking ships full of Cubans, and blaming it on the Cuban government!

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4. The existence of the mafia was proven right!

When we hear the word “mafia”, we may think of the film The Godfather (1972). It’s hard to believe that the existence of the mafia was once a conspiracy theory that lasted for almost a century! Indeed, the concept of a structured mafia gang that controls crime in certain areas sounds like a figment.

Conspiracy theories about the mafia began to rise in popularity since the 19th century and emerged again in 1946. However, the existence of the mafia was not revealed until 1962 when Joseph “Joe” Valachi leaked the secrets of the Italian-American mafia to the US Senate! Perhaps this is what inspired Mario Puzo to write The Godfather in 1969.

However, remember the term “snitches get stitches”. To his surprise, Joe Valachi died in a Texas prison in April 1971! That said, Valachi had violated the omertĂ  code or the principle of secrecy in the mafia hierarchy.

5. The truth about the hidden dangers of leaded fuel!

Unleaded gasoline is predicted to be an innovation in the world of fuel. Yes, as the name suggests, there is no lead in it. However, is it true? The lead in gasoline is actually important because it prevents the engine from tickling or knocking. However, lead is a deadly substance because it contains a neurotoxin.

A conspiracy theory has emerged that the oil and gas (oil and gas) companies know the dangers of lead and are silent. As it turned out, this was proven to be true! To make matters worse, since the early 20th century, the dangers of lead have been known, but deliberately hidden. Who found it? Pressured not to publish his findings!

In the US, leaded gasoline has been phased out since the 1970s. However, for 14 years, the oil and gas companies Ethyl and Octel have continued to sell leaded gasoline in Eastern Europe and developing countries. The result is said to be even worse than the damage caused by the cigarette industry in the 20th century.