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The Most Popular UFO Conspiracy Theory

The Most Popular UFO Conspiracy Theory – Conspiracy theory about UFOs is certainly not unfamiliar if it sounds, this conspiracy theory is the most trusted conspiracy theory by the world community.

When you’re hanging out and drinking coffee in a cafe, the conversation can turn wild. From just high school flashbacks to politics! Suddenly, the conversation changed direction to an international conspiracy theory discussion!

Indeed, talking about conspiracy theories is fun. Why? No one knows whether this is true or not, so we who talk about it are only able to guess. Of the various conspiracy topics that we often talk about, one of the most widespread is the unidentified flying object or UFO.

The flying saucer which is said to have come from outer space has often become a timeless hot topic. It is said that humans have interacted with them either physically or non-physically. In fact, some have been kidnapped by UFOs, he said.

1. Area 51

When it comes to aliens and UFOs, it would be incomplete without this place involved. Yes, Area 51 is a place that is very often associated with UFOs. Area 51 is a secret facility located in the Nevada Test and Training Range, one of the military headquarters of the Nellis Air Force Base Complex.

Once depicted in the film “Transformers” (2007) by Michael Bay as “Sector 7”, the US government officially declared that Area 51 is a combat aircraft test site for the US air force.

However, conspiracy theorists certainly don’t just believe it. In fact, some think that the US government is carrying out heinous experiments on aliens in Area 51 in order to advance military technology.

2. The Roswell Incident

Previously, it was said that the US government studied a flying saucer found in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell incident is one of the forerunners of the UFO conspiracy theories in the US to this day.

On July 4, 1947, William “Mac” Brazel went to his meadow in Roswell, New Mexico, and found several foreign objects such as metal sticks, reflector foil, and rubber strips.

Not knowing the foreign object, Brazel called a local sheriff who then called the Roswell Military Air Force (RAAF). The pieces were immediately taken away in an armored truck. A few days later, the Roswell Daily Records published an article entitled “RAAF Catching Flying Saucers at a Ranch in Roswell Territory.”

3. Black Knight Satellite

The conspiracy theory of the satellite “Black Knight” appeared more than 10 decades ago, to be precise in 1899. At that time, the famous Serbian scientist from the US, Nikola Tesla, caught an alien extraterrestrial signal. Scientists who were familiar with the dove later said that the signal came from another planet! Of course, he was considered insane.

However, in 1998, several snapshots from mission STS-88, the first space mission to the International Space Station (ISS), showed a mini “satellite” circling Earth. Because of that, the mystery of the Black Knight satellite came back out.

If what Tesla said is true, the Black Knight satellite has been circling Earth 13,000 years! However, the veracity of the extraterrestrial signal that Tesla said was actually controversial.

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4. 3 thousand UFO sightings in Virginia

In 1987, Wythe County, Virginia sheriff Wayne Pike and four of his deputies admitted to seeing a strange light crossing the Wytheville sky. Since then, news of UFO sightings has flooded Wytheville.

According to the Bristol Herald Courier website, the News Director at the radio station WYVE at the time, Danny Gordon, told how he received at least 3 thousand reports of UFO sightings in the sky of Wytheville. He himself also saw a strange light crossing the sky.

So much so, that the news about Wytheville residents who were frequently visited by UFOs attracted media attention from all over the US. They flocked to Virginia to interview eye witnesses.

5. JFK’s assassination: CIA tactics extinguished the president’s curiosity

The assassination of the 35th US president, John F. Kennedy (JFK), in 1963 sparked controversy around the world. Add to that the controversial theory about UFOs? It’s getting hot!

Reported by LiveScience, while writing a book about JFK, “A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier” in 2010, William Lester received a memo that was said to have been written by the late president on November 12, 1963, 10 days before he was assassinated by Lee. Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

The memo was declassified by the CIA in 2006 or 2007 so that it is available for public reading. In this memo, JFK asked the then director of the CIA, John A. McCone, to share all classified information about UFOs and aliens to him and NASA until February 1964.

Lester also said that the CIA had burned a memo ordering the murder of JFK because he suspected CIA activity and UFO research. He said this was based on leaks from former members of the CIA from 1960 to 1974.