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Space Conspiracy Theory

Space Conspiracy Theory – The conspiracy theory about outer space is one of the most popular conspiracy theories and the most trusted by people in the world.

Outer space has many mysteries. Especially for ordinary people like us who can only get information about it from the internet, books, and various other secondary sources. Not surprisingly, there are many conspiracy theories circulating about him.

These wild theories have been consumed by the public since several decades ago. However, as if it did not disappear in time, this theory is still widely believed. In fact, the rapid flow of information makes the conspiracy even more massive and wild.

1. There is life on Venus

Humans are indeed interested in the search for life on other planets. One of the most popular is Venus. Earlier in 2012, a scientist named Leonid Ksanfomaliti claimed to have found living objects moving on the planet’s surface.

This then led to a number of theories which say that there is life on Venus. In fact, this statement is not proven to be true. The moving object that Ksanfomaliti saw turned out to be a detached observer camera lens.

Even so, the theory about the existence of life on Venus is still widely believed today. There are even certain people who accuse NASA of keeping this up to the public.

2. Asteroids will destroy Earth

This one theory has been circulating since several decades ago. Many people believe that Earth life will later be destroyed by an asteroid impact. Some predictions suggest that the asteroid will hit in 2012, 2019, and most recently in 2029.

In fact, this is not necessarily the case. As far as the observations of NASA and other astronomical institutions, there are indeed several asteroids that will pass close to Earth. But they weren’t close enough to crash.

3. UFOs and all the accompanying “evidence”

Unidentified flying object or better known as UFO is one of the biggest conspiracy theories in astronomy. According to the news circulating UFOs are vehicles used by aliens. This object is shaped like a disc that is not recognized where it came from.

The majority of people believe that UFOs landed on Earth to kidnap humans and other creatures. Not only that, not a few people have claimed to have seen UFOs and were even kidnapped by them. However, until now there is no valid evidence of the existence of these objects.

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4. Appearance of human faces on Mars

In 1976, NASA released a photo of the surface of Mars which raised many questions among the public. In the photo taken through the Viking 1 and Viking 2 missions, there is an appearance of a human face among the Martian rocks.

The public immediately made various speculations. They assume that it is a trail left by aliens. Yet after further investigation, the “face” is a pile of stones that is exposed to the light effect.

5. Planet X

Planet X theory. This is a conspiracy that says that the solar system has a tenth planet (when Pluto was still included) which is dubbed the planet X.

According to the opinion that circulated, this celestial body was very large. It has a unique orbital path that can bring it closer to Earth. Reported by Space Specialists, people believe that planet X’s gravity is the cause of earthquakes.

As with previous theories, planet X is not real. If it did exist, humans would be able to see it even without the aid of a telescope. This is just an issue created to spread panic.