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Human Conspiracy Theory

Human Conspiracy Theory – In this world there is a lot of discussion about conspiracy theories. There are conspiracies that are true and there are also those that don’t make sense and can even be believed. One example is conspiracy theories about humans. Humans themselves are the main subject of the simulation world. Indeed, it looks ridiculous to most people, although not a few who believe this idea. There are several myths and facts about the argument that humans are in a simulated world. Here are some unique facts about the human conspiracy being in the simulation world. Let’s see!

1. The existence of ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ indicates that humans are in a simulated world

As previously mentioned, the presence of Glitch in the Matrix can indicate that humans are in a simulated world. The term Glitch in the Matrix is ​​a bug term like in a gadget, but in the real world. For example, there is a bird that suddenly stops while flying and strangely it does not fall.

There is also the phenomenon of helicopters whose propellers do not move, but can fly upwards. There is also a mirror image that moves quite a bit late when the person in front of the mirror moves. Many people believe that this is a sign that humans are in a simulated world.

Although there are several Glitch in the Matrix phenomena that were caught by the camera, there are actually some quite reasonable objections regarding these phenomena. There are those who argue that the slow response of the mirror image could be a trick of the camera of the person who recorded or edited it.

2. There are high-tech computers to perform simulations

If the world is in a simulation, then what device can do that? Reported by Built In, there could be a high-tech computer that can simulate human life, from working, laughing, to falling in love. Even so, there are some scientists who support the existence of computer simulations.

Technopreneur and author of The Simulation Hypothesis, Rizwan Virk says,

“In fact, the findings of quantum physics can cast doubt on the fact that the material universe is real. The more scientists search for ‘matter’ in the material world, the more they discover that it doesn’t exist.”

Even so, a physicist named David Bohm said that what is in this world is really real according to our beliefs. He also added, what we do will intersect with what we believe and what perceptions we use.

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3. A computer virus that can be inserted into DNA can strengthen the argument of the simulation world

In 2017, a group of researchers from the University of Washington said they could insert a computer virus into DNA. Indeed, this is difficult for many to accept and is still a matter of debate. The aim of the research is to show that computers can work on vulnerable genes.

Not a few believe that this research accidentally reveals, that what is considered a biological reality is computer code all along. This can be an indication of whether humans are in a simulated world or not.

4. The disappearance of aliens is believed to support the existence of a simulation world conspiracy

The existence of aliens in the world or not, is still being debated by many people. For some people who believe in aliens, there is a phenomenon that aliens have mysteriously disappeared. In addition, the existence of aliens has also been detected or found by humans.

Adherents of the simulation world conspiracy believe that aliens can mysteriously disappear because they find a way to be removed in the simulated world. This is because aliens have technology that is far more advanced than the human world.