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Ghibli Movie Conspiracy Theory

Ghibli Movie Conspiracy Theory – The Ghibli film is one of the anime films that is very popular, especially among children, this film is known for its provocative and imaginative films.

Although animated films are synonymous as films for children, in fact Studio Ghibli films can still be enjoyed by adults because of the storylines that are not childish and very meaningful.

With its cute characters, it is not surprising that many fans believe in some dark and creepy conspiracy theories from this animated Studio film. Are you guys getting curious? Here are seven movie conspiracy theories that will blow your mind away.

1. Kaonashi are humans trapped in the spirit world

In the film Spirited Away, there are many strange and unique characters that are shown. However, it can be said that it is Kaonashi or No Face that attracts the most attention.

Kaonashi is a semi-transparent figure who has many magical abilities such as exposing his organs, swallowing others and stealing one’s emotions. No wonder so many fans think that he is a spirit.

But another fan has a different theory. A fan believes that Kaonashi is actually a human or a living being who has been trapped in the spirit world for too long so that he changes his current form. That is also the reason why No Face was very interested in Chihiro from the start, because Chihiro was the only human he could find.

2. Ponyo is actually an angel

Based on this theory, it is believed that all the residents in the village of Sosuke in the film Ponyo, have actually died due to the big flood. The boats featured in the film appear to be carrying all the residents to a place that is considered to be to the river.

In addition, a scene where Ponyo and Sosuke pass through a theory, but it is not shown that they return home. This scene seems to depict the two who walk into the afterlife and never return.

Another reason that strengthens the suspicion is the number of numbers 333 that appear throughout the film as signs of angels. With all these theories, it is believed that Ponyo is actually an angel assigned to guide Sosuke to the afterlife.

3. Totoro is the god of death

After the horrific incident in Sayama, where a school girl in Japan was raped and then murdered which followed the suicide victim’s sister incident, many fans began to associate her with the film My Neighbor Totoro.

Some fans believe that this film depicts the incident because of the many similarities in the film to the original incident. Some of the reasons are such as the location of the incident in Sayama which is the location in My Neighbor Totoro, the murder case occurred in May, such as the name of the younger character in the film. And the most shocking thing is the cat bus stop which when translated can mean “Grave Street”.

4. Whisper of the Heart inspires murder

Whisper of the Heart is perhaps better known as an adorable romance film. But who would have thought that there were many conspiracy theories surrounding this one film.

This theory began to emerge after the film was replayed on television. Many adults have watched this film and have begun to feel that they have wasted life. Although there is no concrete evidence that Ghibli’s film caused suicides, many suicides occurred shortly after its reruns and sparked much discussion and conspiracy theories.

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5. San uses his brother’s corpse as a coat

When watching Princess Mononoke, have you ever thought where San got his fur coat when he only lives with wolves in the forest all this time?

There is a terrible fan theory that is quite widely believed. In this theory, it is said that San’s parents previously hunted Moro’s children, the wolf and managed to kill one of the babies. Feeling angry, Moro and his gang then hunted the hunters and killed them all except San. He was left alive to replace his lost and murdered children. As a reminder, Moro then gave San the fur from the baby’s corpse.

6. All of Ghibli’s films are related

This theory is not surprising. Many film studios have done it like Pixar and Marvel. Although Ghibli has never confirmed it directly, many fans believe that their films are actually related.

Some examples are the character Soot Sprites in My Neighbor Totoro who reappeared in the film in Spirited Away or the mysterious pink shoes that Satsuki and Mei’s grandmother found, which she thought were Mei’s shoes, could actually belong to Chihiro, the main character of Spirited Away.

There is also a scene where Pazu from the movie Castle in the Sky is seen roaming the city in the movie Howl’s Moving Castle. In addition, there is also a Totoro book that appears on the library bookshelf in the movie Whisper of the Heart. Did you guys manage to find other evidence?