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Conspiracy Theory Around the Moon

Conspiracy Theory Around the Moon – Conspiracy theories about the moon are certainly no less interesting than other conspiracy theories, this theory about the moon certainly affects life on earth.

The moon is a celestial body that appears most prominently at night, and is also the earth’s only natural satellite that has a major role to play in the earth.

In addition to its function, the moon also holds various kinds of mysteries that sometimes give birth to a number of conspiracy theories that don’t make sense, such as the following conspiracy theories.

1. The moon has an effect on driving someone crazy or experiencing insomnia

There are many people out there who believe in the myth that a full moon can affect a person’s well-being, such as making humans wilder, increasing the likelihood of childbirth, difficulty sleeping, and more likely to commit crimes. There are also people who claim that they cannot sleep on full moon nights.

2. The moon will turn green

In 2016, there was a horrendous rumor saying that the moon will turn green because some planets are aligned and creating a terrifying light.

In fact, the moon never actually turns green, although it can appear red during a lunar eclipse, when the moon passes through the earth’s shadow. According to the Space page, this event is the same as the sun that appears red when it sets, because sunlight is scattered as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, forming a reddish shadow on the surface of the moon.

3. Photograph of the first human landing on the moon is engineering

Even though the first human landing on the moon occurred some 50 years ago, today there are still those who think that this achievement was just a fabrication. The reasons people commonly use to support this conspiracy theory are there are no stars in the photo, the American flag can fly, and there are footprints but no lunar module prints from the landings.

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4. The moon is made of cheese

This is definitely a fictional fairy tale out there, there is a popular myth being told to kids that the moon is made of cheese, and not a few kids believe this story.

In fact, the moon is not made of cheese at all. Because, if the moon is made of cheese, that means there is a giant cow somewhere in the solar system that is producing cheese to make the moon.

5. Supermoon events related to natural disasters

Supermoon occurs when the full moon is closest to the planet Earth, so it looks very big. Due to its close position, the moon’s gravitational pull on planet Earth is greater than usual, which has led some to theorize that this condition is related to the occurrence of natural disasters.